Daly X Active Damselfish Yoga Leggings – DALY X ACTIVE
Daly X Active Damselfish Yoga Leggings

Daly X Active Damselfish Yoga Leggings

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The Damselfish lives in Australia's incredible Great Barrier Reef. As well as being beautiful to watch dart between the coral, it is a tiny little ecowarrior. By eating algae from the coral, it helps the reef to regrow. Proving that little things really do make a difference.

Created from an original painting, your patterned design is placed deliberately to contour your figure.

Your yoga leggings and capris feature a high, wide waistband that doesn't create a muffin. It is doubled up to produce the power needed to hold your leggings perfectly in place... even in downward dog!

"It is really inspiring to wear them. They make me excited to be creative and seriously, how cool is it to be wearing a painting on leggings? And such amazing ones too!"

Riana Testa

Beautiful images from Valentine @carreyia