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The journey from artwork to leggings


DALY X ACTIVE leggings are all about unique design, clever placement of prints, and a design that considers real women's bodies.

I've got all of these things in mind from the beginning when I start painting. I work on canvas using traditional techniques in Japanese inks, oil paints and acrylics. They are then photographed in very high resolution. It gives a wonderful depth and quality to the print when transferred onto Lycra.

As I'm working, I'm thinking about how the painting will translate on active wear. For example, some colours look amazing as clothing, but some not so much (think fleshy pinks that look pretty in a painting, but a bit weird on your skin).

The right shapes are necessary too: if I don't create the right colour fields, with the right level of detail as a contrast, the composition doesn't work when made into a garment. It is a tricky balance from the start.

Some paintings jump out at me as absolutely perfect to make into leggings. However sometimes there is a bit more to it. I'll test out some designs. Go back to the canvas. Make edits. Add some colour. Change shapes. Play with the details. Try again.

Every painting I create has many layers. I photograph as I go, and test what might work.

Around 1 in 20 of my designs actually make it onto the manufacturing floor. The ones I reject might be interesting, but they need to be really special for me to keep developing.

The artworks are printed onto Lycra. The patterns are cut, and the leggings sewn together.

Next, we test them on lots of different women with very different figures. Then adjust again.

Once we feel happy that they improve the shape of EVERY lady that tries them on, they are good to go, and they appear in our store.

Its such a rewarding process. I hope you love them as much as we loved making them for you.

Sarah x

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