Meet our dirt bike riding Miss World Australia candidate: Emma Moore – DALY X ACTIVE

Meet our dirt bike riding Miss World Australia candidate: Emma Moore

We've discovered some absolutely amazing women who are in our active wear and posting on Instagram.

What do dirt bike riding and vying for the next Miss World Australia have in common? Emma Moore. This 19 year old is on a mission to pack as much of life in as possible and we were curious to find out what is happening. Here is our conversation...

Emma, so why dirt bike riding? Its not something every one is up for... and makes you a bit of a legend in our eyes...

Well, my brother and dad got really into mountain bike riding when I was younger. I always tried to keep up with them but really struggled to ride in a straight line. I felt bad slowing them down and gave up for a while. Then one of my friends convinced me to do the Great Cycle Challenge - riding as many kilometers in a month and raising money for children fighting cancer. I set my goal to ride 500kms and raise $500. After hitting my target riding and raising over $800 I'd found a new passion. It pushed me to ride every day. Even when I didn't want to get out there, I did it for all of the people that can't. It progressed my riding so much I started changing from cross country to downhill. I was told it would be too hard because it was "a men's sport" and "too dangerous" but I figured if I could get fit enough to ride up the hill I would be ready to ride down the harder tracks. The Great Cycle Challenge did that for me and that's when I knew it was what I wanted to do. I rode the toughest track on the course with my tiny cheap bike and ended up racing my first nationals season that year, taking third overall.

And from there to being a Miss World contender... tell us about that...

Yeeehaaaa what an adventure!! It all started when I was with an agency that dropped me because i was three centimeters too short, and out of haste I applied for Miss World! After tossing and turning as to whether or not I should do it, I thought why not. Some amazing sponsors decided to support me and for that I am so grateful! Raising money for the Charlie Teo Foundation supporting brain cancer research, especially in kids, is a big part of why I'm here - I want to do something more. So after meeting some amazing women at the event, struggling through the unknown of the first round, and then being the youngest girl to go through to the state finals, I'm honored to see where this takes me!

It's amazing that you are so focused on giving back to the community. Its such a great way to be. Where do you live? What do you love about it?

Originally I am from the Central Coast. Best place in Australia I say! I love being so close to the beach. I also grew up on acres giving me plenty of space to run around and go crazy. Its such a gorgeous community and our annual Scarecrow Festival proves just how quirky we are. I am currently living near Brisbane for work (I build mountain bike trails) and the next stop is Darwin.

Aside from dirt bike riding, what is your fave way to get moving?

I love spending time outdoors. Whether its riding my bikes with mates, trail running or yoga on the beach! There’s something so refreshing about being out in the elements that gives me a sense of freedom and happiness that nothing else can.

Tell me something about you that you would love others to know...

I dropped out of school in year 11. I had been told for so long I had to complete my HSC in order to be successful. School just wasn’t for me. I knew it for a long time but I struggled through until I just couldn’t do it anymore. If anyone else is in the same position I want to tell you it’s okay. It’s not for everyone. After being told I would struggle to get a good job and scrap the chance of ever getting to uni… I am traveling Australia working in my dream job, plus have been accepted into university to study a diploma of business. I have never been happier. To anyone else in the same position, have faith in yourself.

You are creating such a great life, Emma. For us, seeing you in our Daly X Active gear is amazing - what do you love about it?

I love the prints! How great are they?? I got the Indigo Jiggy capris and they are so versatile and comfy. I wear them anywhere from work, to working out, to a lazy day at home. They are totally squat proof, which is a massive plus. Whenever I wear them people always ask about them!

Thanks so much for talking... we are so looking forward to seeing you on stage at Miss World and in your next adventures!

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