Luiza tests our unreleased Kimberley Dawn design (VIDEO REVIEW) – DALY X ACTIVE

Luiza tests our unreleased Kimberley Dawn design (VIDEO REVIEW)

Check out this amazing reaction... Luiza in her New York apartment... trying out our new Kimberley Dawn design!

I asked Luiza if she would try out a new, unreleased design for me... and she very kindly said yes!

Getting real, honest feedback on new ideas, products and patterns is really important to me, so reaching out to this beautifully developing community of women was the best way to do that.

Luiza was already wearing the Mossy Green leggings and I wanted to see how the new colours and shapes would accentuate her curves with the Kimberley Dawn design...

Check our her review!

I think it went well :D

I love how, at the end, her mum is wearing her Mossy Green leggings... and they look absolutely stunning!!

S x

(P.S. check out Luiza's beautiful instagram feed @workoutyourself for more on New York gym life... she really inspires me!)

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