Give a little love... and make an Origami Envelope with our Indigo Jig – DALY X ACTIVE

Give a little love... and make an Origami Envelope with our Indigo Jiggy print!

Because giving something that is made by you is always really lovely.

If you are giving a gift card code... you can pop it on a little note and fold it up into this lovely envelope. It is also the perfect size to fit jewellery gifts, or make one for your local barista for when you next tip them! Its a tiny bit of hand made care that goes a long way...

This Indigo Jiggy design, created from an original painting, is made for sharing the holiday happiness!

You will need:
A colour printer, A4 paper (glossy is even nicer), scissors, ribbon

This is how to make one:

1. Download and print the pdf origami square onto A4 paper
2. Cut out the square
3. Follow the instructions for an origami envelope here:
(we made envelope 1, but you can try either!)
4. Pop your gift card, note, jewellery etc inside, tie with a bit of ribbon

5. Feel rather chuffed at your new origami skills!


If you have a beautiful lady in your life who would love some leggings, a Gift Card is perfect. Let her choose the design and size, and we will send exactly what she wants.

Purchase one here: Gift Card Store.

Pop the codes into your cute origami envelope and feel very Christmas ready!

Happy folding!

Sarah x

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