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5 tried and tested ways to get my lazy self up and moving

I am fundamentally lazy and tomorrow is often a better day to work out than today. Because I'm tired. Or I'm not feeling great. Or I've got a list as long as my leg to get through.

These are the things that help me crawl out from under whatever I believe is more important, and actually look after myself:

1. Recruit a friend

Most of my friends have the same problem with motivation as me. We would always talk about meeting regularly, but none of us would actually do it. Work and life get in the way. So I looked for someone to exercise with who I know is already committed to it.

That friend is Brad. He is awesome. He is more fit than me. He is also more motivated than me. And has more time than me. And every year I know he is going to be training to look even more gorgeous than he already is for Pride events around Europe. So. I got Brad's agreement for me to generally stalk him at his gym for about 6 months earlier this year. We halved the cost of a personal trainer. And since he lives down the road, he would call me beforehand and pick me up.

I love Brad.

2. Eat something

Getting something into my tummy about 2 hours before a class helps me generally feel better about it. I live on banana smoothies on those days. There is something lovely about them. My recipe: 1 banana, two spoons of yogurt, a squeeze of honey, almond milk, ice and some cinnamon. You can add all sorts of other fancy stuff to make it even more healthy or full of protein too. Put in the blender, whizz and enjoy!

3. Put your workout gear on

Think baby steps: If you truly don't feel like you can get out the door, just put on your workout gear. I made my first DALY X ACTIVE leggings because I wanted something that helped me feel really wonderful when I walked into a class. I wanted something bright, and different, and of course made my bum look better. Because hell, I'm a painter - I can do that!

I'll bet that by already having your gear on you'll find one less obstacle and will make it out the door. High fives you.

4. Choose bright colours

I tend to put something really bright on because it lifts my mood 5 times over.

I used to choose basic black because 1) I thought it was slimming and 2) I didn't have to think much about it. Instead, leveling up with some hot pink, tropical green or turquoise blue gives me that spark to keep happy and moving.

Think about how you feel in that amazing red dress. This is the same. Colour does something clever to our brains and lifts our spirits.

5. You're just bored

Free yourself up to think of movement as something you can have the pleasure of enjoying every single day. It doesn't have to be a tedious slog at the gym. Or an obligation to use up those class passes before they run out. Go for a walk before your weekend brunch, or try inline skating, or kayak up the river, or put on some disco and dance like John Travolta is watching you. Yes, you can do this with a glass of wine.

And if you want some excellent gear to do any of these brilliant activities, hop over to the Catalog section to see what I'm making lately :)

I think the point is to enjoy your body. Because it is beautiful as it is. And our bodies really do enjoy moving. So we should give them the chance to do just that.

I'd love to hear what gets you moving on those tough days. Please add to the comments below. Sarah x

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